Relationships rarely follow a steady path, instead filled with unexpected turns that crop up out of nowhere. Von Sell appears to have bottled this concept and channeled it into his new song, ‘Stay’, which feeds off those feelings to bring us a heady, eclectic sound that offers a fresh take on an age old issue.

Sporadic bursts of synth open the track, cushioned by the warm embrace of an organ before Von Sell’s echoing voice and heavy bass join the mixture. Flickering patterns zig zag throughout ‘Stay’ – whether through the electronic effects or the structure of the song itself – mirroring the often bumpy nature of relationships. “Come on and stay / Come over and play,” he sings, the staggered layers of vocals building like a hypnotic chant.

‘Stay’ is the latest of a handful of tracks released by the Brooklyn-based artist, the third instalment following his bright electro-pop debut ‘Ivan’ and the dark, punchy track ‘I Insist’ – the latter now with its own music video that characterises Von Sell’s unique vision. Yet the quirky character of his work is no gimmick, rather it’s a well considered manner of reflecting society’s strange traditions. “I remember thinking about these archaic roles men and women assign each other in relationships, emotionally, sexually, temperamentally, intellectually,” he said of his starting point. “We’ve evolved in every way until it comes to how our relationships actually materialize. It’s like we’re still wearing our kids’ clothes and they hardly fit but we refuse to buy something new in our size ’cause of our programming.”

Whatever the outcome of the story that inspired ‘Stay’, we’re perfectly happy so long as Von Sell stays on our radar and continues to make music as divine as this.