Rationale possesses the kind of talent that only comes along every so often. Following his standout EP Fuel to the Fire and our subsequent interview nearly a year ago, the singer-songwriter has carefully continued his evolution with the release of ‘Something For Nothing’ and ‘Palms’ earlier this year, tying in with his back catalogue of hefty synth-pop numbers and earning him a supporting slot on Bastille’s tour over the last few months.

The strength of his projection is met with considered yet meaty production, consistently mastering a balance that evokes joy, sadness, and nostalgia in one clean sweep. His latest release, ‘Prodigal Son’, sees him draw on the subtle trademark 80s tones that pepper his sound and pave the way for his striking voice. The track opens with a warm beat, whirring vocals and chugging bass, before his voice powers through into the limelight, eventually fading into a stirring, gospel-tinged outro. “I don’t want to go lonely / I don’t want to reach out in the dead of night / And find no one to hold me / But I’m burning by bridges at the speed of light”, he sings, cutting right to the core as he so often does.

With such an unforgettable sound, the gap between Rationale’s releases seems to last an eternity for fans. Thankfully, ‘Prodigal Son’ has filled the void in a beautiful, moving manner that he does so effortlessly.

Buy ‘Prodigal Son’ here, out now on Best Laid Plans.