Homage EP is the work of Juliana Ronderos and Nicolás Losada, perhaps better known as Salt Cathedral. According to the duo, which is from “New York via Colombia”, the EP is made up of material that got left behind while writing their other music. “As we’ve been writing our full length record, we’ve written a lot of very different music that’s been shelved,” they said on their Facebook page. “These two songs make part of that process and we want to share that process with you. They live in a sonic landscape and explore constant rhythm”.

‘Lift Me Up’ opens with haunting vocals, soon joined by a fast beat and waves of high pitched, quivering electronic melodies. The track is beautiful in its ebbs and flows, which balance to create a smooth, dark sound. Meanwhile the titular track, ‘Homage’, is ever so slightly more intense, its looped lyrics and pounding synth making it the ideal companion to lead you through the night. Even when the pace picks up the track retains its effortless edge, before eventually reaching a soft peak and melting back into a still, gentle territory.

Considering this is an EP made from “shelved” B-sides, Homage EP is surprisingly strong. So much so, that we wouldn’t mind taking a look through the rest of their unreleased material.

Listen to Homage EP below.