Saux may still be unknown to many, but his take on modern electronic music is bound to take him far. ‘LIWY’ – the latest track from the Amsterdam-based producer and DJ – is all the evidence you need, where his taste for alternative pop and tropical sounds comes to stunning fruition for 3 and a half minutes of delicious, warm music.

‘LIWY’ begins gently, with chiming melodies welcoming you in before a pounding beat takes over and leads the way. The track is wrapped up in inflating synth and rich, skewed guitar runs, somewhat reminiscent of the likes of Ben Khan or Jai Paul. Yet his sound is wholly his own, backed up with his brand of electronica that takes you from 80s disco soul right through to today’s burgeoning wave of electro-pop.

“LIWY came together very naturally. I was listening to records that had only a few elements but were really tight and heavily compressed. I wanted to recreate that warm saturated sound,” said Saux. “Lyrically the track is about distance in a relationship, and how you can be very much together whilst miles apart, but then far apart when you’re in the same room. It’s exciting for me to sing on my own tracks as it makes the emotional tie even stronger.”

With this being the first track to feature the producer’s own voice (along with vocals from a friend), we’re one step closer to understanding the enticing world of Saux – we can’t wait to see what comes next.

Download ‘LIWY’ here, out now via Cahors Recordings.