Grammy award winning musician St. Vincent has announced she’s set to direct her first feature film, Oscar Wilde’s 1890 literary classic The Picture of Dorian Gray.  It’s not quite the story as we know it however; the screenplay has been written by David Birke, who has created a female-led adaptation, casting it’s title character as a woman.

This isn’t Vincent’s (real name Annie Clark) first attempt at film however, having made her debut at this years Sundance Film Festival. Her short film “Birthday Party”, co-written, scored and directed by the artist herself, was premiered there as a part of the female-driven “XX” horror anthology.

Keeping up with the female strong theme, we’re interested to see how such a male driven plot like Dorian Gray can be turned on it’s head in such a way. The book has been adapted for the big and small screen dozens of times since it was first made into a silent film in 1910, but never before with such a significant character reworking. Will it stay true to the novel’s homoerotic subtext, a significant element of it’s enduring legacy? And how will the Sibyl Vane sub-plot be re-imagined? Developed by Lionsgate, who have yet to announce a release date, we’ll have to wait with anticipation to find out.