London has a knack for delivering some of the finest music talents out there, and right now the next artist to pay attention to is hailing from East. Jerome Thomas is a name that deserves to be on everybody’s lips given the stunning voice that passes through his own: the ultimate selling point for his debut EP, Conversations.

The release opens with ‘Chasing Paper’, a beautiful composition that introduces Jerome Thomas’s buttery voice and lyrical complexity alongside fluttering strings, which meets its match in the powerful bars offered by fellow UK talent, Coops. Thomas drops the level with ‘Spotless Mind’, where slinky riffs scurry between a choppy beat and layered vocals.  ‘Company’ takes the mood into a steamy territory, while ‘The Stone’ – contrary to what its title would have you believe – is characterised by its perfectly warm production (courtesy of El Train) and those heavenly vocals that glide over the top. ‘Nirvana’ rounds off the EP with a heady mix of gently fizzing synth and thick bass, the ideal nesting space for Thomas’s soaring voice.

Conversations is socially conscious – it’s my observation of society inspired by real life conversations I have had with myself, friends and fam. I have penned about subjects shy of the industry today. I wanted to come from a different standpoint and avoid played out topics. It has been a long time coming, and I’m ready for the world to hear the product of my absence.” – Jerome Thomas

When you hear that his ‘FOE mantra’ stands for both freedom of expression and fusion of everything, you finally start to understand the beauty of Jerome Thomas’s music. Listen to his debut EP in full below, streaming exclusively with IDOL.