If there’s anything Tale of Us have mastered through their Afterlife project, it’s creating a truly distinctive sound. Though their musical tastes and abilities transcend the simple term ‘techno’, Matteo Milleri and Carm Conte may as well have trademarked their niche in highly emotive electronic music. It is this confidence in their own vision that has seen countless accomplished productions come to the Afterlife label, the latest of which in collaboration with rising artist Vaal.

The new EP, Monument, opens with an expectedly disturbing title track, melding together sporadic, layered synth tones and Vaal’s haunting voice. ‘The Hangar’ arrives on the reverse with a thud, the fierce bass and beat combination snowballing to a peak before a bold drop 2/3 of the way through – memorable to say the least.

While both tracks make a lasting impression, ‘Monument’ has inspired a number of high profile remixes, with Adriatique’s take already available online and Barnt and Stephan Bodzin due to unveil their mixes in Afterlife’s next release, AL007.

Download Monument EP here, out now on Afterlife. Feature image via facebook.com.