After experiencing great success within the rap industry, 26-year-old Brooke Candy has changed her sound and switched to a more commercial direction with her latest single ‘Happy Days’, which comes with a powerful video directed by renowned cinematographer Renata Raksha. Brooke has transformed her voice from hardcore rap to softer electro-pop, showing not only a different side of herself but demonstrating her adaptability and open-mindedness as well. ‘Happy Days’ is the first song from her upcoming debut album – expected to be called The Daddy Issues – which will be produced by her friend and mentor Sia. We caught up with Brooke to find out more about the woman behind the music…

Regarding the genre and sound ‘Happy Days’ highly differs from your previous singles, like ‘Rubber Band Stacks’ in 2015. What led you to this change from rebellious rap-sounds to this pop style?

There were a lot of factors that I think caused the change. When I was rapping, it was really what I knew to that time, so I used what I knew. For me, it has always been about the message and the music was always secondary. What I understood and what I knew was rap music, so I used that. Then I met Sia and when she came into the picture, she introduced me to a new idea which was putting the music first. And so the music became equally important as the message. She explained to me that if I was willing to change my sound and create something more commercial and more marketable, then I would have an even bigger platform to push the message. To me it was just something that needed to happen! Moreover I am a visual artist. So then I became more able to garner attention and grasp the attention of the audience by my static and by my visual art which was a big factor, too.

How did your fans react to this new style?

I had such a positive reaction and such a great response! I was actually sure that when I put this music out, regardless how good it is, I would get a back flow, because it is so different. I felt like I was gonna get some sort of ‘Why are you abandoning us?’- type mentality and I didn’t get that. But everybody seems to get it and this is so cool! I was ready to explain myself, but I didn’t really have to, because my fans just understand me. My fans are cool and they get it. I am an artist and I change and they get it. How boring it must be to be just that type of artist? This is not an artist. Well with ageing experience as human beings we change right? So to me, any kind of experience I have in this life is gonna be reflected in my arts.

Regarding your outfits and make-up, you definitely stick to your own unique style. Which outfit was your favourite one, which one reflects your style best?

All three characters were created specifically for the video based off the fact that I identify with all three of them. Sometimes I feel like an innocent child, at times I’ve been like that middle character, the Diva, and then the final kind of crazy, outlandish, wild character that is in their own bubble and I feel like that at times, too. I feel like many people. There are many different goddesses that exist within my psyche. I think we all have that dual innocent and then more intense person in us. We all have equal light and dark in us. I’m just in touch with both of them and I’m not afraid of it.

For you, finding your own version of happiness is a constantly ongoing process. What does happiness mean for you right now in your current life situation?

Balance. I’ve found peace of mind and happiness through gratitude. I am grateful for small things I’ve taken for granted and that most people take for granted and don’t notice. For example nature, nature is like the best thing on the planet. Walking out and going on a hike and being surrounded by trees and that’s free, that’s there. That has led me closer to my happy days. Also clarity and peace of mind and a healthier lifestyle. I’m trying to be a healthier person, I’m not really going out. I’m just trying to focus on creating art and helping people. Helping someone else also leads you to your happy days. If you’re not alright and you’re just surrounded by darkness, get out of your own head and just help someone else. This works every time.

You also experienced much harder times in your life when you lived in a car, worked as a stripper and when your parents got divorced when you were 8 years old. Does the song, and also the video relate to such stages of your life?

I would say that this past year has definitely been my healthiest, most grounded insane time of my entire life. I mean I had a rough out bringing and my out bringing to the music industry was really intense. But through gratitude, patience and as I said a healthier lifestyle without drugs, with helping other people, has really helped me. I think everyone can relate to the song, specifically when you had drug issues or any kind of addiction. Everyone has their vice and blockage towards bliss and at some point it’s possible for that to vanish, pass that with enough hard work and patience and self care.

The video has this gloomy atmosphere and gets quiet emotional at some points. When do you find yourself in such emotional situations right now?

Actually right now I don’t feel like this at all. Before I transformed my life, got sober and took care of myself, I felt intense sorrow, intense pain and misery and I can tell you what that feels like. And right now I don’t feel this anymore. But I know that I was there, I felt it and now I can really appreciate that I don’t have to feel this anymore.

What is the main message you want to tell your fans with the song and the video?

Love yourself, care about yourself, care about the planet and help each other. Help one another, this is really the most important thing. Love is the only thing that is true, that is real. Everything else they tell you to value is a lie. It is fine chasing to be successful, but you always have to aim for some sort of solid foundation.

Which are your upcoming projects? When will your new album Freaky Princess approximately be dropped?

Actually the name has changed. I am not sure yet, but the plan right now is to name it The Daddy Issues. It will be released this year, but tweeting it and finalising everything. It’s just been a crazy process because I’ve obviously changed the sound but I’ve also had to get in the right head space. Just right now I’m just confident enough and ready to get that piece and ready take on what it’s gonna bring, cause it’s gonna change a lot. It’s gonna change my life for sure. It’s coming and it will be well worth the wait.

‘Happy Days’ is available to buy here.