Tom Mangan clearly isn’t one to sit still for long. Between his TRIBUTE EP series – which saw 4 batches of over 400 hand-stamped, limited edition vinyls released over 2015/2016 – and his streetwear label Millionhands, Mangan is always hard at work. His new release Imperfections Vol. 1 is the latest project taken on by the UK house producer under his alias Tee Mango, and with support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Mano Le Tough and Caribou, he’s clearly onto something special.

From the sparky, funk-driven number ‘Sing About Love’ to the subtle garage vibes on ‘It Was U’, Tee Mango is a dab hand when it comes to mixing genres. Meanwhile the lead track ‘Break of Dawn’ leans on fizzing synth and a looped hook that will without a doubt linger in your mind – no surprise then that it blew up this summer.

“This music isn’t about big studios and big arrangements. It’s about capturing moments and energy that comes from a fresh idea. It’s about embracing happy accidents. Edges are left rough. But then, isn’t the beauty of something often in its imperfections?” – Tom Mangan aka Tee Mango

Imperfections Vol. 1 isn’t just an accomplished body of work. With its samples and snippets, the entire LP is an ode to the rough musical sketches that come during the early stages of creating tracks, which are all too often lost. Tee Mango wasn’t about to let that happen, showing his passion and commitment to the entire musical process in doing so. The LP gives a real insight into Tee Mango’s musical influences and the journey leading up to his overall sound. It might be called Imperfections, but this release couldn’t be more perfect in our eyes.

Download Imperfections Vol. 1 here, out now via Millionhands BLK.