Finding a way to express our own identities can be a challenge faced by many, something Terrence Orlando knows all too well. The singer, songwriter and musician has just released his debut project, Issues In Representation, a 3 track EP which seeks to break down our insecurities and inspire us to go with our instincts: “Very few of us trust our ideas enough to try, and for those battling with resistance, I hope this project puts us in the right mind-set, and teaches us all how not to give a fuck.”

‘Wish You Were Me’ is the bass-heavy, feel-good opener for the EP, with production by Intervene and vocals from rapper Rageouz. “Am I an outcast?” he asks, answering his own question with a defiant response: “If so I bet you wish you were me”. Produced by Title, the middle track, ‘Run For Your Life’, harks back to old-school garage with the triple attack of beat, bass and vocal layering – a smooth, low-key delight if we’ve ever heard one.

It would be all too easy to close the EP with something that directly leads on from the previous song, but something tells us this South Londoner doesn’t do easy. Keen to reawaken you from the chilled vibes induced with ‘Run For Your Life’, Orlando follows with the upbeat, buzzy number ‘Be Who You Wanna Be’, produced by Tyler Straub. Drum & bass stylings are met with seemingly breathless bars, making for an undeniable toe-tapper.

The entire EP is dripping with Orlando’s personality, something which he fully intended to achieve: “This project came about, through me understanding my own fears and what holds me back,” he explains. “I read a book called ‘The War of Art’ by Steven Pressfield, which talks about all these things and it inspired me to put this project together – for myself and others, who may be going through the same thing”.

Stream Issues In Representation EP below.