After the release of Bruiser back in 2011, London based indie rock band The Duke Spirit went through several juxtaposing life changes. Now they are back with new album KIN, mixing a vibrant energy with lyrics about the way life touches us all with it’s brutality but also with tender love. We caught up with band member Liela Moss to find out what they’ve all been up to and what we can expect from their new music.

KIN is your first album released after almost half a decade. What happened in the time in between?

My step-mother died which was a huge wrench, both in terms of loss and anxiety about how the dynamic of family and how their well-being would unfold. In addition, Luke had his first born daughter which meant between the two of us we had at least a year and a half sea change to deal with before getting back to writing and arranging.

How has your sound changed over the last five years?

We work more spontaneously with technology. Toby introduced more synthesisers to the room and we built things up both together and apart. We realised that contributions built up without room to chat, deconstruct and lose momentum, was better in term of bringing more originality and beauty.

What is the main message you want to tell your audience?

Listen and be… healed!

Which emotions and events in your lives do you reveal in KIN?

Loss and attachment. Motherhood and childlessness. Magnificent love. Attempts at supernatural communication with Mother Nature.

How long did it take you to produce the album?

Three months to write, then we waited to get the money to record it. After two weeks of recording we had to get it mixed, then mastered. Then we waited another God knows how long to release it, whilst working out a plan of how to tell people it was coming!

What are your goals for the next two years?

Write another album immediately. Re-read One Hundred Years of Solitude. Be able to do the full yoga headstand, Shirshasana.