The music of Phoenix Martins is like a sound of a water drop, hitting the marble floor in perturbing silence. From the first note, we can hear its deepest coreand this is the magic Martins has been recently executing. The effect is new EP, ‘Œ47’, where tracks are minimal, yet powerful, armed with artist’s sultry vocals that take us on a spiritual journey. We catch up with Martins to explore her creative universe.

Who is Phoenix Martins and what is she thinking?

I’m thinking what’s next, I’m thinking about new projects and ideas. I’m a sprouting flower in a continuous process of reincarnation, living in an eternal place of interna and external discovery.

What is ‘Œ47’ about?

47 is my angel number, about a year ago, I started seeing the numbers four and seven everywhere: digital clocks, whenever I looked at my phone it would be 7.47, door numbers, car registration plates, literally everywhere. So I looked it up and the numbers translated as inner wisdom, enlightenment, mysticism, individualism, spiritual awakening, and that I am on the right path in life. These experiences led me to have 47 tattooed on my left hand. Each song on 47 is an individual reflective discovery of all my experiences while undergoing this spiritual journey.

How does your creative process look like?

Daydreaming, dancing, and walking around town, but it varies, depending on the day and the surrounding, I’m placed in.

Your new track ‘Minimal’ sound like a form of music therapy. What do you derive from music and what do you want to give to your audience?

‘Minimal’ was the first tract to be created on the 47 EP and visually, I was experiencing a multitude of sensations, which led to the holistic creation of this trajectory.  Music is my foundation, spiritual healing and key to all other elements of my creativity. When creating, I’m not trying to create, I guess, for me it is more about the freedom of expression also the sense of release, I experience in this process is cathartic.

Also, I would say music is space where I ravel and unravel my thoughts, feelings and internal vibrations. I think of it in terms of different dance forms. For me, it is like doing a pirouette, spinning and spinning, twirling around then you stop and everything feels all funny inside, but eventually, it all balances out in the end. To my audience, I want to give them some breathing space, a place to unwind and relax.

How do you achieve such a high level of intimacy in your music?

I trained as a dancer from an early age, learning about different modern practitioners like Alvin Ailey & Pina Bausch. Bausch said: “Everything must come from the heart, must be lived.” I relate to it as everything I do does come from my heart. The process is taken from real, true and dynamic feelings, that are then stripped right back and I start from the bare bone of those feelings to create, tis is the foundations of my music.  

What are your dreams?

I think my dream catcher can answer this one better than me. They are lucid at times and then other times I don’t remember them at all. “All that is I know is I’m falling, falling, falling…”

Listen to the new EP below.