Tom Misch is quickly becoming one of London’s most closely watched producers, with a wealth of beautiful music to his name and a reputation as the guy to go to for a collaboration. Now, the 21 year old beat maker has released his brand new EP Reverie, featuring four tracks of varied music that nonetheless carries his trademark musical stylistics.

The opening track, ‘Crazy Dream’, plays with suitably dreamy guitar riffs as regular Misch collaborator Loyle Carner delivers chilled bars over the top. Second up is the delectable jazz-infused track ‘Follow’, which comes in partnership with his sister and fellow musician, Laura Misch. Leading on from this comes ‘I Wish’, which sees Tom’s name alone on the credit list, taking centre stage with his delicate vocals and chunky bass runs over a sunny backdrop. Meanwhile ‘Watch Me Dance’ takes a different route, featuring a stunning instrumental to introduce the final song. As the strings quiver and Misch gently coos, you expect to be in for a calm affair – yet soon after, the dynamic alters as the melody becomes pluckier and the beat leans more towards a dance-territory. “Watch me dance in my reverie”, he sings in the chorus, before melting back into a calmer land filled with more dreamy guitar solos.

Reverie isn’t the only bit of good news from Tom Misch, who announced the news that he’ll be heading stateside for his first US tour later this year, having already sold out some of his UK dates. The EP is only the latest addition to his blossoming back catalogue of ambitious, rich music – something that deserves to be experienced live.

Download Reverie EP here, out now on Beyond The Groove. Find tour dates here.