Repping London’s ever-blossoming creative scene, Mura Masa is a name that has come to be synonymous with quality electronic music. Real name Alex Crossan, the British producer and songwriter is one of the talents quietly and consistently providing the building blocks that make London the music hub it is today. His collaborations with other rising talent based in the capital – including the likes of Nao and Shura – plus his solo work are all testament to his infectious brand of off-kilter electronica, and his latest mix is another welcome addition to his impressive portfolio.

On Thursday evening, Mura Masa dropped an edit of ‘Night Swimmers’ by Foals, and it’s safe to say he’s taken the concept behind the track title and run with it. Pulsing synth takes on a life of its own, like the very creatures these night swimmers would find in the depths of the ocean, bobbing up against their skin. As Mura Musa works with the backdrop set up by Foals, lead singer Yannis’s voice swirls around, atmospheric in all its coarse echoes. Yet suddenly there’s a drop beneath your feet and Mura Masa takes you tumbling down into a new realm, the sound still warm thanks to bubbling synth and hearty bass riffs, but this time cut up with a sharp, prickly beat. Blended together, we’re given a new take on a beautiful song, which originally came off What Went Down, the latest album by Foals.

Listen to ‘Night Swimmers’ by Foals x Mura Masa below. Feature image via