It takes a good ear to channel sounds from back in the day without arriving at a corny sound. Two Another have gone beyond that. The London-based duo have just dropped their debut self-titled EP, and have not only managed to avoid falling into the dodgy territory that swallows so many musicians trying to reference music from the past; they’ve also managed to create a sound that’s wholeheartedly their own, and effortlessly slots into today’s music scene.

Two Another first appeared with ‘Higher’ at the end of last year, a delicious track reminiscent of 70s soul. Though the guitar jerks, wandering bass and distant swirls of synth might hark back several decades, the house rhythms and Balearic undertones bring it firmly into the modern day. Next up comes ‘Keeping Me Under’, which brings the disco references in swathes, the meaty bass once again propping up the track to induce full hip-popping, head-bobbing action; expect a rush of endorphins with this one. The EP is rounded off with ‘Shouldn’t Have Done That’, which, as the title would suggest, takes the pace down a notch or two and mellows the mood. This time, the disco-soul vibes get a nod through subtle guitar flicks and delicate falsetto vocals – the perfectly calm response to the energetic rhythms in the previous track.

Two Another’s new EP is already a strong debut outing, with a genuinely pleasant sound continued throughout the three tracks. Yet their ability to make solid, considered references to music from decades past with such ease shows that there are many layers to this duo – and something tells us there’s plenty more where this came from.

Listen to Two Another’s debut EP, which is out now.