Having already been picked up by various publications and with a growing catalogue of quality, catchy music, it’s clear that Leena Ojala is one to watch. It’s not just her music that grabs your attention; the singer has back story that covers half the globe, thanks to her German birthplace, Finnish/English parents, and hometowns in the form of London and Hong Kong. It’s this blend of environments that is seemingly reflected in her new video for ‘Little Place’, premiering exclusively with IDOL.

Aella Jordan-Edge is back on the director’s chair for this one, having also directed Leena’s earlier track ‘Why’, which came off EP1 towards the end of 2015. The video inspiration came from Jordan-Edge’s understanding of the city’s fast-paced nature: “I moved to New York at the age of fifteen,” she said, “so I knew the feeling well: of being awestruck and overwhelmed in a city that sweeps you up, propelling you forward whether you like it or not.”

Leena Ojala

No longer in their ‘little place’, our couple takes us around the concrete jungle that is New York City, where they’re faced with a new world of people, stimuli and opportunities. Though it doesn’t last; tumbling through the many doors into the next Narnia, we’re lead from the city to the woods, before landing on Jacob Riis Beach. The pair eventually reunite at a party, looping us back into the video’s opening scene.

Comparisons to both Adele and Låpsley have cropped up, and it’s not hard to see why when considering the power of Leena’s projection. Her ability to drive her voice between moody depths and haunting heights makes for a compelling sound, matching the wildly changing settings in the video. Together with her vocals, the clean-cut production and catchy melodies make ‘Little Place’ a beautiful pop blend, and an impressive addition to Leena’s blossoming career.

Watch the video below. Download ‘Little Place’ here.