Von Sell has been lying low for the past year since his 2015 debut ‘Ivan’, but it was well worth the wait. The first ever release from the Brooklyn-based musician saw him play with electronic sounds, the resulting brand of fluttering dance pop marking a promising start. Yet in the year that has passed, he’s seemingly discovered a comparatively darker, more niche sound if ‘I Insist’ is anything to go by. This latest track shows a different edge to Von Sell, while developing his unique overall sound that dabbles with all kinds of genres in one smooth swoop.

Chugging bass, R&B stylings and a delicate, fuzzy backdrop all merge together in ‘I Insist’, creating a sound as layered as it is addictive. With all the tones of a bass-rich dance track, but slowed down and dragged out to suit Von Sell’s mellow, ethereal vocals, ‘I Insist’ is one beautifully complex song. Towards the end, the subtle electronic effects blend into surges of synth, like a Flume track that’s fallen into a black hole and has ended up in another era. Yet even when he delves further and further into that dance territory, Von Sell keeps those vintage stylings firmly in sight.

‘I insist’ is one of those tracks that will keep revealing a new detail each time you listen to it, which is likely to be quite a few times. On that note, we insist on something ourselves: go and listen to Von Sell, stat.

Listen to ‘I Insist’ below. Feature image by Jen Maler.