There’s no doubt a modern soul renaissance in the air these days, with a handful of young musicians adding their own twists to a timeless genre. Among them is Liverpool based singer-songwriter XamVolo, who burst onto the scene last September with his ever-enjoyable Chirality EP. The record is full to the brim with smooth soul and jazz tones, topped with XamVolo’s silky yet powerful vocals.

Yet if Chirality led us into autumn, his latest single is well and truly one for summer. Breezy and catchy, ‘Old Soul’ will take you through from crisp mornings to sun-tinted evenings with its snappy guitar riffs and shimmering electronic notes, the melodies mirrored by XamVolo’s angelic voice.

“‘Old Soul’ is meant to be very pure; a clean slate at the start of the upcoming journey,” he explains. “The character speaks from the headspace of someone with few worries, living with the freedom to focus on and enjoy the simpler things in life. For now, their world is a near-utopia occupied by trivial pursuits and good vibes – that is, until a certain life-changing encounter…”

He might only be 23, but XamVolo’s classic feel-good sound tells us he’s something of an old soul himself.

Download ‘Old Soul’ here, out now via Universal Music.