YOUTH, or otherwise known as Krissey, is a 25 year old artist from North London. In early 2014, she made her debut onto the music scene; and this year she is getting ready to release her first EP About You, due out Monday 13.04.2015. Last week she revealed a sneak peak with track Just For Youa blend of steamy soul and energetic electro. Press play and YOUTH invites you into her world, which is full of seductive sounds and emotion. The lyrics are honest and bounce perfectly against the soaring synths and powerful melodies. As a first offering, it is powerful and potent. A promising tease for her forthcoming EP; and as it is only a few days away, we just couldn’t resist finding out a little bit more about YOUTH’s musical inspirations and taste…

“My music choice is so ecclectic. I find inspiration in everything I listen to, whether it be the melody, big vocals or the production of the track. I found it hard to narrow down a small selection of songs that inspire me, but these tracks below in one way or another have all filtered through into my upcoming EP ‘About You'”. 

Julio Bashmore – Au Seve

Always Reminds me of the festival season, my favourite time of year. Seriously what a banger. This feel good track inspired my Kilter collab – ‘Hold Me (Cosmos Midnight Remix)’.

MØ – Maiden

I have been a massive fan of her early stuff and watched her live last year, she’s unreal and Maiden is too good. My fav track. Mo Represents us women today. She isn’t afraid to act a certain way and gives me the confidence to write what I like and to not be afraid.

D’Angelo – Cruisin

I could listen to this on repeat, channeling Youth’s sound – it’s my tune. The sensual feel of this track massively influences my love for RNB and heavily inspired Just For You, the lead track on my EP.

Sister Nancy – Bam Bam

Reggae is probably my favourite genre of music. Me and my mates literally scream this song at the top of our voices. The light and shade in the track takes you on a journey, which I like to do in a song.

Maribou State – Rush Don’t Run

Reminds me of a summer in Ibiza. To me it’s always about how you make the listener feel and this tracks makes me feel good. I like to bring these vibes to my music.

The Raconteurs – Level

Jack White is by far my favourite artist ever. Literally anything he does I love, but Levels is the one. I’m heavily influenced by blues, soul and powerful vocals, something Jack masters beautifully. His delivery and attitude inspired me to write On My Mind for Australian producer Paces.

Mase – Tell Me What You Want

Reminds me of my childhood, I know it word for word and old-school Mase is ridiculous. My EP, About You, features one of my favourite MCs at the moment, Illaman. Mase’s laid back vibe and effortless approach gave me the idea for Tonight, produced by the talented Astro Zu, featuring Illaman.

Fracture – Loving Touch

Gets me in the mood for anything. The vocal delivery of the track brings about a sense of nostalgia from a time where I was really finding both my feet and my style musically. The big vocals over the fast House beat, is something which I attempt to emulate through my music.

Nubirth – Anytime

I played Secret Garden Party last year and we dropped this in the set. Good memories. The lyrical simplicity reminds me of my track I recently released with Atlas called ‘Closer’. Too many words aren’t necessary if the music is on point.

Little Dragon – Paris

I saw her play this live and she blows my mind. I love Little Dragons’ melodies, you never really know where they are gonna go and this isdefinitely something I experiment with in the studio.

Atoms For Peace – Default

Jheeeezzeeeeeee! Thom Yorke is a genius. The dark and ethereal production is so powerful, it totally inspired my first ever single Low.